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Research: Nearly 1 in 10 K-12 Teachers and Students Globally Will Own a Mobile Device by 2017

Nearly 10 percent of all K-12 teachers and students will have a mobile device by 2017, according to a new report from Futuresource Consulting. In 2012, just three percent of K-12 teachers and students owned mobile devices, according to the company.

Learning Through Gaming: What the Research Shows

As we approach the holidays, excitement is building about the new digital devices and games that may lie under the Christmas tree or Hanukah bush. But will that excitement translate into new learning? Much of the current research indicates that the answer is yes -- that gaming and collaboration impact student achievement. You can use this new information to review the benefits of digital gaming with your customers.

K-12 and Higher Ed: The Differences and Similarities

Is education one market or two? Karen Billings shares the findings of SIIA surveys.

Any Road Will Get You There -- Or Will It?

Achieve your sales goals with a personal business plan.

Epson To Help Fund Schools in Need

Epson and have teamed up to launch a holiday program that aims to help public school teachers get funding for their classroom projects.

Report: Tablets Soar as PCs Drop

Global tablet sales continue to climb in 2013 as PC shipments lag behind according to a pair of new forecasts from market research firm International Data Corporation (IDC).

Proposed Bills Aim to Broaden Preschool for Low-Income Families

Congress has introduced bills designed to increase preschool access to low-income families.

Cuyahoga CC Tests 3D Simulation App in Anatomy Class

A community college in Cleveland, OH has just begun testing a new interactive 3D simulation intended to help its students learn how stress affects the body.

Report: Mobile Devices Will Be Smarter than Their Users by 2017

Handheld devices will be smarter than the people who use them by the year 2017, according to new research from Gartner.

Ed Unveils i3 Grant Recipients

The United States Department of Education has selected 25 applicants to receive a total of more than $135 million in the fourth round of the Investing in Innovation (i3) competition.

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