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Strategies and expert advice for managing and growing relationships with K-12 IT decision makers.

Five Ways to Jump Start Sales

Do you need to quickly bring in some new customers? Farimah Schuerman and Mitch Weisburgh of Academic Business Advisors offer five helpful strategies.

Building a Market for Innovation in Our Schools

The most innovative ed tech products are not always the biggest sellers, but SIIA's Karen Billings points to new ways to foster innovation and grow the market.

Balancing the Marketing Matrix

A lot of new companies struggle to wrap their arms around marketing. Farimah Schuerman and Mitch Weisburgh of Academic Business Advisors offer a three-point formula to simplify the process.

Parental Communication in the Digital Age

New data from Project Tomorrow reveals a growing number of schools looking at digital tools—including text messaging, social networks, and mobile applications—as a way to bridge the home-to-school gap. Julie Evans talks about the implications of this trend and what new opportunities it presents for ed-tech solution providers.

Selling During Sequestration

With these alternative funding strategies, you can keep on selling despite the looming budget cuts.

A Focus Group for the 21st Century

EDRoom helps companies determine product potential before rolling new offerings out into the educational space.

The Key To Collateral

How to make sales tools work for your sales partners—and for you.

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