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Sales reps, managers, and directors will benefit from the strategies, insight, and advice from our education technology experts.

K-12 and Higher Ed: The Differences and Similarities

Is education one market or two? Karen Billings shares the findings of SIIA surveys.

Learning Through Gaming: What the Research Shows

As we approach the holidays, excitement is building about the new digital devices and games that may lie under the Christmas tree or Hanukah bush. But will that excitement translate into new learning? Much of the current research indicates that the answer is yes -- that gaming and collaboration impact student achievement. You can use this new information to review the benefits of digital gaming with your customers.

Any Road Will Get You There -- Or Will It?

Achieve your sales goals with a personal business plan.

The Key Factors That Make Ed Tech Implementations Successful

Help your customers see the big picture beyond devices and infrastructure, and you will help them achieve success with your solution.

Avoiding the Negotiation Trap

Sales consultant Larry Sugarman continues the discussion on negotiation with advice on two ways to avoid the negotiation trap -- differentiating your product and dealing with negotiators.

What's New with E-Rate and Why You Need to Know

Why is everyone talking about E-rate these days, and how might the latest changes impact your business?

Rebuilding Trust

With customer trust at a low ebb, education companies need to go back to the sales and marketing drawing board.

Five Ways to Jump Start Sales

Do you need to quickly bring in some new customers? Farimah Schuerman and Mitch Weisburgh of Academic Business Advisors offer five helpful strategies.

Utah Community College Leads the Way with ePortfolios

A Q&A with Salt Lake Community College's ePortfolio leaders details that institution's ePortfolio initiative and its leadership in the state.

IDC Sounds off on Tablet Market Share in Education

Tim Cook's announcement that 94 percent of all tablets in education were iPads raised more than a few eyebrows. But is there more to this story? Read on to find out.

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